Who are they?

AJ Fitness Services are the fitness studio based element of our business. They are the gym with a twist, they are the only gymnasium on the market that doesn’t want to keep your business! One you achieve ‘FIT’ you go.

Why are we partnered?

One of the most frustrating statements we ever hear at SAS Comm is “but I’m not fit enough to go to the gym”. At the core of that statement, it’s not about fitness levels, it’s about acceptance and embarrassment.

What are our goals?

To bring the gym experience to everyone, in a safe and accepting environment. Not everyone wants to be surrounded by people that ‘they think’ are judging them because of their shape, size or inability to lift heavy weights. Many people will go through stages in their lives that lead them to be deconditioned, we want to help with that.

What do we want to achieve?

As long as you keep realistic about your aims, incentives and their timescales, we will assist in keeping you on track, with a combination of coaching and mentoring. Think about the length of the journey you have been on to get you where you are today. The rectification timeline is likely to be as long in duration, if not slightly longer. There are no ‘quick fixes’ to a healthy and sustainable long-term solution.

Here at SAS Commodities, we see you for what you can be or what you want to be, not what you were or are.

At SAS Comm we are ‘really honest’ about tailoring the message to you. If you are mid-thirties and 5ft 8inches tall, there is no point in having a goal to be 6ft 3inches tall by the time you are 40, because guess what…….it aint gonna happen!

Get in touch

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